About Metal Presets

Metal Presets for Guitar Rig, Amplitube, Addictive Drums, Toontrack’ Superior Drummer and More.

Download packs or single presets.

Packs give you a strong advantage since you can choose between a lot of presets and listen to how they sound in context.

For example, a preset may sounds good when heard alone but may not suits to the track you’re working on.

That’s why it is highly recommended to go for the packs.

But whatever you choose, needless to say they’re all optimized and tweaked for Metal.

You are not left alone when you download these metal presets.

You’ve probably heard a preset that rocks and then sucks when you try to use it with your own midi file(s).

That’s why each download comes with a quick and super easy PDF guide to get the most out of the presets.

See also the Vids/Tutos Page or Check out the Metal Presets YouTube Channel.

Who makes these metal presets ?

I’m Pascal Moraux, Metal guitarist, vocalist, composer and songwriter.pascal moraux

Born in Belgium on February the 5th 1976, I grew up listening to both Classic Heavy Metal and Extreme Metal.

Since the nineties, I’ve released 5 records with the following bands (see below) and toured/gigged in Europe with bands like Immolation, Krisiun, Emperor, Enthroned, Bal-Sagoth, Nocturnal Breed to name a few.

My Bands:

-From Beyond (Thrash Metal, 2000 – Present)

-Ex-Zardens (Blackened Death Metal, from 2009 to 2014).

-Ex-Moribund (Black Metal, 1996 – 1999)

I also teach Thrash Metal Guitar Lessons on YouTube.

Over the years, I developped a passion for Film Music.  I founded Further Than Chaos in January 2016, a company that offers mostly material for trailers.

Beside the typical musician activities I’m also a self-taught sound engineer and producer and have mixed Albums and EPs for my own bands as well as for others.

During all those years I worked with almost every vst, vsti, rtas plugins available on the market.

Being a sound engineer gives you a strong advantage.

You not only know how the softwares work but you especially know how the presets are supposed to sound.

Knowing how the frequencies affect the listening is paramount to make good presets.

After all, making presets is very close to mixing, especially when it comes to drums.

That’s why metalpresets.com offers presets suitable for every Metal genres.

From Heavy Metal to the most extreme Black and Death Metal.

I use professional gear (monitors, headphones, sound card) to make sure they sound good almost everywhere.

Every single preset is checked multiple times before it gets released.

Pascal Moraux on behalf of Metal Presets


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